Caregivers are tasked with the essential duty of giving support and taking care of the patients. They help the patients understand and process their conditions and hence impact positively on their health and wellbeing.

Caregiving is a fluid process, within which caregiving techniques and information keeps changing. Just like the way these patients need love and care; caregivers also need training and ongoing consultations with social services personnel.


Some of the areas where caregivers need training include stress management, problem-solving skills, housing, and long-term care options. Other vital areas training is necessary for is the patient’s medical condition and needs, simple nursing skills, communication, and how to handle the patients’ families.

When given proper training, the caregivers are better equipped to handle their roles and different situations that they may arise in their line of duty. Their clients can feel secure when they know that the caregiver is well-trained, competent, and trustworthy. However, most caregivers have received little or no training at all.

This lack of training is because of the following challenges that have impeded caregivers’ training;

  1. Most of the caregivers are only given short verbal instructions that are delivered within hours of the patient’s discharge from prescribed care. These brief instructions leave little time for questions or for practicing the skills and activities the caregiver is expected to accomplish.
  2. Caregivers lack enough time for much if any training. Both the caregiver and social services personnel have a myriad of tasks that they need to accomplish. Therefore, there is never enough time for intensive training.
  3. Caregivers lack an easily accessible platform where they can access relevant courses. Most of the available platforms for e-learning are either too complicated, too general, or not accessible through available mobile devices.
  4. When the health information is shared by professionals and social services personnel verbally, the caregivers may not always retain the information. This lack of remembering is because of the stress of the situation, unclear communication, complicated content, or content that doesn’t address the specific need at that time.



ShareLook app has come up with solutions for all the above challenges. With the following features, ShareLook has emerged as the best solution for caregivers’ training and development.

Accessibility of Resources

ShareLook app provides a platform where caregivers can easily access bit-sized mobile learning courses. ShareLook platform is simple and can be accessed easily through The caregiver can easily access all the enrolled courses in the training section and go through them using our easily navigable system. On top of this, the caregiver can get live broadcast and live individual coaching that archive immediately for use later on.

Content Development

Developing courses is also very easy. Social services personnel don’t need to have any special IT skills. All they need is to access the ShareLook content management system at, develop the course on the easy to use lesson builder, and upload all the content there. The lesson builder supports a variety of content, including videos, audios, quizzes, video activities, including incorporating past live events. They can also share links to outside resources and embed relevant resources.

Learner’s Engagement Tracking

Through the ShareLook report section, the social services personnel can track the learner’s engagement. ShareLook is easy to interpret. Report analytics will show the activities of the caregiver, enrolled course, completion rates, scores, and actions taken place in the live event and live assessment.

Live Broadcast/Live Streaming

ShareLook live broadcast feature is excellent for discussions, coaching, training, and giving live updates to the caregivers. The live broadcast discussion boards enable the social services personnel to provide immediate feedback and also take notes to follow it up later on.  Even after the live broadcast has ended, both the caregivers and the social services personnel can access the broadcast that will be automatically saved under past live broadcast for easy retrieval, anytime.

Taking into account the above features, ShareLook may serve as a solution for caregivers’ training and development. With their mobile devices, the caregivers can now access all the materials and support they need from the social services personnel, and at the same time to capture activities at the patient home.