In a large corporate environment, one thing you cannot ignore is integrating the best possible training and development program for your employees. After all, it is the scaffold that gives you a competitive edge in the market. However, it may not be easy to develop and maintain a successful training program. This is because of the constant changes in the learning style, technology and the diversity of the people you are training. Let’s take a look at the top training challenges of big organizations, and what you can do to overcome them.


A Workforce of Diverse Generations 
It isn’t a surprise that you have employees of different generations in your organization. From traditionalists to millennials, and iGeneration. Each of the generations bring in a unique taste and preferences for learning, and this will make it difficult for you to develop a successful training program.

To overcome this, choose a flexible learning style that incorporates the different sets of values and preferences of each group. While some would prefer bite-sized chunks, they can internalize on their own, others prefer an instructor-led approach.

Training Logistics
The complex structure of big organizations can complicate the training process. For you to come up with a training program that meets the needs of your company, team, and culture, you have to consider things such as the global implementation and rollout, classroom logistics, travel budgets, and remote workers.

This leaves you with a number of factors to consider. However, all you need is a flexible, cutting-edge training and learning experience that gives you access to different types of learning.

Standardization of Training
For you to produce consistent learning outcomes from the same materials is a big challenge. For instance, if you hire different external trainers to train your staff, it will be hard to maintain consistency in the teaching style and expertise.

Identify your top talents and have them train the other employees in different departments. Also, you need to develop a clear and unambiguous syllabus. If your training is delivered online, create standardized training modules.

Delivering a successful training program in big organizations is not easy, but as you can see, the challenges are surmountable. Consider the training needs of the generations in your workforce, develop a standardized syllabus, and focus on a flexible learning experience.