A customer testimonial goes, “After a day’s-long beehive of activities, I ran into an online store and ordered a Yoplait yoghurt delivery—I was a little nervous at first because I had never placed an order for a drink online—The delivery came through almost immediately! The gorgeous package (with an accompanying dietary leaflet) and the unique refreshing taste thrilled my senses. I developed an instant attachment to this brand. I will definitely be a chronic customer!”


Yoplait yogurt, available in more than forty flavors, has an established good-for-the-planet mission which has built stable emotional connections with their loyal customers. The secret behind the Greek-yogurt firm’s plausible success is applying Simon Sinek’s “start with why” concept and they have always been taking it to new pastures! According to the influential Harris Pool Equitrend study, US yogurt consumers have shown that their taste for Yoplait yogurt isn’t waning, after voting it the best amongst their favorite yogurt brands.

Simon O. Sinek, renowned author, marketing consultant, and motivational speaker, came up with a simple, pragmatic model for inspirational training and leadership. He calls the model ‘the Golden Circle’. The circle is segmented into three portions: “Why” in the core, “What” in the middle ring, and “How” in the outermost ring. In applying the model to the Apple company, Sinek asserts that while the company makes outstanding computers (What), they are excellently designed and user-friendly (How). However, the devoted users strongly connect to the fact that Apple passionately provokes the status quo across the board (Why). It is practically the emotional link with “why” Apple prevails—not the Apple product itself—that magnetizes a brigade of followers to its stores with every new product release. Apple does it differently and people link with the company’s “Why” emotionally and viscerally. Henceforth, the Apple company attracts the public stance in regards to market superiority.

Simon Sinek aptly encourages companies to adopt the “start with why” concept in his outstanding TED talk. He argues that this will enhance a sustainable competitive advantage consistently in a cluttered, confusing and complex world. Sinek further explains that companies that concentrate on the “What” and the “How” they do things, in relaying their value to their customers, lose their bearing, since they are not linking emotionally with their customers. Many firms have adopted this emerging model and they have realized its merits.

You must be wondering how to apply this concept in your firm. Here are a couple of tips on how to apply it while training your staff:

Always start from the core of the Golden Circle
What you believe in is detected by the things you do and say consistently. Nevertheless, if you do not understand ‘Why’ you do what you do, you will not know ‘How’ to do it. Many organizations work tirelessly to prove their worth to their employees and customers, but in the long run, fail to bring out their real sense of purpose, as with dating. It is very unlikely a stable relationship will ensue without a solid ‘why’. Always start with the ‘’Why”!

Power a sense of belonging
Everyone always wants to fit in. This sense of belonging is an inevitable preoccupation of every individual and rests at the bosom of human nature. Organizations should take up this mantle of charging human desire ‘to belong,’ in controlling purchasing decisions. Companies with an overriding loyalty in the market don’t necessarily have the quickest service, greatest quality products, or the best price. However, these organizations give their employees and customers a perfect platform to showcase to the world what they strongly believe in, their value system, and who they really are. This takes us back to the center of Sinek’s Golden circle. Train your employees to comprehensively understand the “Why” of your company, and the impact will be outstanding.

Establish a network!
Let’s take a view of the Golden Circle from a top-down dimension, just like a cone. This can be accurately used in structuring an organization’s internal framework, the head-honcho, or the CEO, is at the extreme peak of the cone and is the visionary macho standing for the “Why”, immediately beneath are top executives who are responsible for bringing the CEO’s vision into realization—the “How”. At the bottom of the core are the rest of the employees who create tangible results—the “What”. Such partnership ensures a smooth flow in running an organization. This will definitely accrue great success.

It goes without saying that the Golden circle model has proven to have a huge impact on any organization who applied it. Do you know your organization’s “Why”? If not, you should find out NOW.