While developing the right skill set for your workforce in your retail coffee shops may be a challenging task, closing your eyes on such a task can pose a growth threat because of the current market shifts. NPD Group, a market research firm, has predicted that “consumers will spend more time in their homes in 2018, so fundamental life products such as coffee/espresso makers will continue to be hot.”


On the other hand, a Mintel study shows that the US coffee house sales are expected to rise from $23.4 billion in 2017 to $28.7 billion by 2021. This means that while more coffee consumers are predicted to stay at home, stopping by a coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee coffee will still be an indispensable part of the American’s life. Therefore, training your workforce to keep pace with the increasingly quick-service lifestyle of Americans can help you stay at the top of your game.

Why Choose Mobile Learning? 
Because of the changing products and services offering (services, such as customer service and communication skills), high employee turnover, and the pressing need to train new employees quickly to meet the targets, “just-in-time” training comes in as the ultimate solution to these challenges. A good example is mobile learning. Since your employees are working under pressure of stiff deadlines and targets, a learning solution that is easily accessible and available at the precise time of need is of utmost importance to them.

Secondly, if your workforce has a bigger number of millennials compared to older generations, mobile learning can form a good training approach. This is because the millennials are digital natives when it comes to mobile devices. Statistics from Pew Research Center show that while millennials have been at the front line in the adoption of technology, there is a significant growth of the same in the older generations. More than 92% of millennials own smartphones while the older generations follow close behind. In addition, because of the pressure to deliver on tight deadlines, engaging your employees through mobile learning can be productive.

Finally, for retail coffee shops, training through the mobile platform is an excellent way to command all the five senses, be more immersive, relevant and collaborative because of the interactive technological features of mobile devices. Nowadays, these devices come with high definition dual cameras, geo-sensors, 3D imaging, hi-tech audio and graphics, and many more. You can embed and blend visual lessons to enhance the learning experience and encourage retention of the learning concepts.

Mobile learning is known for the flexibility it offers in accessing the training right away at the time of need. For retail coffee shops, mobile learning offers a better training solution owing to the pressing need for “just-in-time” training solutions.