There are a variety of ways to deliver content online, including video. Moreover, videos have become the most popular online media, and most companies are leveraging the power of video-based learning to train their workforce. A study done by MarketsandMarkets shows that there is a growth expectation of the global enterprise video market from 16.98 Billion USD in 2015 to 36.84 Billion USD in 2020. Given this trend, what are the different ways that video-based learning can be used in your organization to deliver an exemplary learning experience?


Interactive Video
The simplest explanation of an interactive video is a digital video that allows user interaction through touch, voice, clicks, and gestures. Users interact with the video by following along with tutorials, filling out forms or playing with game-like experiences. Interactive video can be used for shopping, marketing, training, or as a source of entertainment.

Interactive Video in Training
These videos allow you to synthesize information into an interactive project and incorporate it into your Learning Management System to track data such as employee compliance. Whether it’s an interactive tutorial or a product video, interactive videos improve learner’s retention and engagement.

Live Video
Live video or live streaming is a technology that allows you to stream a live video feed to an online audience. The only difference with the live sportscast or newscast is that anyone can do live videos, and the audience can react and comment in real time. Live videos can be used to achieve different objectives in the workplace such as in executive communication, internal meetings, franchise communication, and employee training.

Live Video in Training
Live videos allow you to quickly impart huge amounts of information to hundreds of employees. Live training sessions provide an immediacy that the other forms of training can’t compete with. These videos support real-time interaction between the learners and the trainer irrespective of their geographical locations. So, you can use live video streaming to roll out training programs to your entire workforce and get instant feedback.


Whiteboard Animation Videos
This is a process in which you tell a story on a whiteboard using continuous and interconnected drawings. It is a powerful learning tool. You simply draw a series of engaging animations in front of the camera (at least, that’s what it looks like!) and record the illustrated story using a whiteboard.

Whiteboard Animation Video in Training
These videos simplify a complex information and make it entertaining and engaging by harnessing the power of storytelling. Nobody can resist a story that is well told. In fact, research shows that our brain cells react to stories in the highest level that revokes emotions. So, present your training content using a story and you will catch your learners’ attention and develop empathy.

In conclusion, you can easily use videos in your workplace to share knowledge, communicate, collaborate, address problems, and above all, effectively train employees on everything of value to the organization. Videos are a fantastic tool for training. If you are not using any of the above video types yet, you should definitely try now.