It’s how you do Live Event.

ShareLook allows you to do Live Broadcasting, LIVE ASSESSMENT, Live Conference and LIVE COACHING from web browsers and mobile devices.

Live Broadcast

ShareLook allows you to arrange brief sessions where you may
teach and demonstrate on-the-job training in many places by
scheduling and hosting live broadcasts from web browsers and
mobile devices. Learners can ask questions during sessions,
and the video is instantly recorded and accessible once the class
is over. Finally, the video is immediately accessible in the course
builder, where it may be repurposed to create additional courses or lessons.


Sharelook allows you to conduct live assessments while
instructing, which lets you analyze progress and develop
better strategies for the future. Live assessment helps you
to conveniently assess learners while they are doing what
they have been trained to do in real-life situations. Assessors
can rate and provide feedback on performance at specific
points during the live assessment.

Live Conference

ShareLook’s live conferencing comes with high resolution video capability, and parallel chatting, while also featuring tools to allow your team to collaborate with each other during the session. The sessions are saved immediately and Remains available as learning units or can be integrated into a lesson through the course builder. Optimise the value of knowledge that can be extracted from each live conference conducted!

Live Coaching

One-on-coaching is a powerful way to help people learn. Live coaching allows trainers to work with individuals, leveraging the power of real-time video interactions. The discussion board allows for further interaction between coach and learner after the live coaching session is complete. The recorded session also ensures that the session is always available for future review.