Consultative Selling Course

At the end of this course, you should be able toincrease profits through consultative selling. Consultative selling isselling to high-level customer decision-makers who are concerned with profit and responsible for it.

Module 0

The learner should be able to establish long term profitable relationships with customers successfully. The connection that you have with the customer is very crucial. You must assess your relationship to know how to manage it.You may not be able to achieve your objectives and goals if you have an adverse association with a customer.

Module 1

The leaner should be able to explain and carry out executive communications successfully.Executives are involved in implementation and measurement. The learner should be able to carry out administrative communications using different strategies and tactics.

Module 2

You should clearly understand simulation to the winning significant sales.  You should be able to design a simulation that will enable you to increase your sales by knowing how to manage customer relationships. This particular simulation has five significant advantages that make it one of the best. It can be used to win significant sales and build relationships with other organizations.

Module 3

The learner should also be able to explain how to gain access to the executives. Sales improvement is one of the essential activities that managers would want to see in their organizations. To effectively steer the endeavor, the salespersons need to gain access to executives, schedule meeting with them, and then effectively uncover the customers’ needs.

Module 4

The learner should also be able to develop and deliver ROI statement to gold international.  When writing your ROI statement, you should always have the following in mind; thereturn on investment(ROI).  It can be expressed as a % return on investment, a ratio, or a payback period, and the like.  Use the Customer’s method of cost justification, the cost offering, the solution offering, and the impact(operational and financial) you are projecting.