Customer Claims and Complaints course

By the end of this course, the learner should be able to:

1. Explain the benefits of keeping a customer

2. Tackle customer complaints effectively

3. Handle complaint calls promptly and efficiently

4. Utilize different communication modes to handle customer complaints effectually

5. Recognize the need for proper preparation before calling a problematic customer.

6. Familiarize yourself with contents of claims and complaints manuals and apply them in

day to day activities

7. Handle complaints according to set rules and regulations effectively

Module 1 

The first module is Mindset. It has two lessons which are; customer retention and customer complaints respectively. The first lesson introduces the learner to the benefits of retaining customers. The second lesson deals with tackling customer complaints, which is one of the methods of improving customer loyalty. 

Module 2 

The second module deals with the skills that one needs in the hotel industry. This module is divided into three lessons which deal with the key skills that the learner should have to promote customer satisfaction and be able to deal with customer complaints. These lessons are 1. prompt and satisfactory calls, 2. communication modes, 3. call preparation. 

Module 3 

This third module is Knowledge. This module introduces the learner to information that he or she needs to have when joining the hotel industry. The section is divided into two lessons, which are 1. claims and complaints, 2. business rules for handling complaints. The first lesson covers the contents of the claims and complaints manual. The learner needs to be familiarized with its contents and apply it in the day to day activities of the hotel industry. The second lesson introduces the learner on how to handle complaints effectively according to the set rules and regulations.