Leadership Course

By the end of this course you should be able to: 

1. Carry out effective leadership successfully. 

2. Demonstrate effective and influential communication that can build up good relations with the team. 

3. Build strategies in mobilizing the team to achieve organizational goals. 

Module 1

This module is the introductory module, and it’s titled Understanding Leadership. It has three lessons which include 1. the leader within you, 2. leadership styles, 3effective leadership. The first lesson introduces you to the definition of a leader, the difference between a leader and a manager, and the qualities of a good leader. The second lesson deals with different leadership styles used in an organization. The third lesson deals with practicing effective leadership. 

Module 2

This module is the communication module. It deals with the aspects of communication in leadership. It has two lessons, which are 1. influential communication, 2. interpersonal relationships. The first lesson discusses communication skills that a leader has to acquire to influence the team. The second lesson deals with having good interpersonal relationships; you’re your colleagues, which is a vital element for any leader and organisation. 

Module 3

Module three is the leadership management module. This module focuses on the management aspect of a leader. It has five lessons which are 1. managing teams, 2. problem solving, 3. effective meetings, 4. managing change and decision making. The first lesson deals with how to manage your team as a leader effectively. The second lesson teaches you various problemsolving techniques. The third lesson helps you in effectively conducting meetings in your organization. The fourth lesson analyzes how a leader can effectively manage change in the form. The fifth and last lesson of the course discusses the decision-making process.