Successful Networking Course

This course has four lessons. 1. introduction to networking, 2. networking skills, 3. preparation and planning, and the structure.

By the end of this course, the learner should be able to:

1. Understand why we network. 

2. Strike meaningful conversations and build lasting relationships. 

3. Plan and prepare extensively for a networking event. 

4. Apply and comprehend the networking structure appropriately. 

Lesson 1 will introduce the concept of networking. Networking starts with the introductions, which should be done systematically. The presentations should be exciting, innovative, and should be aimed at making good first impression. 

Lesson 2 will handle networking skills. Networking skills are very important for any sales agent. These skills include 1. social and conversational skills, 2. questioning and listening skills, 3. relational building skills, 4. presentation skills, 5. spelling and writing skills. These skills enhance your communication and conversational skills. 

Lesson 3 will handle preparation and planning. When preparing for networking event, you should consider the following key points; the 4Ws, format, objectives, targets, research, set up meeting business cards, elevator pitch, and follow up. 

Lesson 4 will discuss the networking structure. A good networking structure helps to save time because many things can be done within a limited time. The networking structure is made up of different stages which include; open, qualify, position, close, and follow up.