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Consultative Selling Course

This sales simulation is one of the best strategies to not only win sales, but also build relationships with clients and other organizations.

sales, consultation, customer

  • Course Objectives

    The main objectives of this course is to help the learner to;

    1. Establish long-term relationships with the customer
    2. Successfully carry out executive communications
    3. Clearly understand simulation to the winning major sales
    4. Know how to gain access to executives
    5. Develop and deliver ROI statement to a client

  • Couse Outline

    The consultative selling course has five modules and ten lessons.

    1. Introduction to consultative selling
      • What is consultative selling
      • ROI statement

    2. Executive communication
      • Executive decisions
      • Mobilizing commitment
      • BOC

    3. Introduction to the winning major sales simulation
      • Simulation

    4. Gaining access to executives
      • Introduction
      • Structuring the meeting
      • Uncover customer needs

    5. Developing and communicating ROI statement
      • ROI statement