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The Cross Cultural Awareness & Understanding Course

The course is about how you can easily interact and communicate with people from different cultures. To survive in the contemporary society, you need to understand different aspects that characterize different cultures. Basically, what is ethically and culturally right in a certain group of people may be wrong in another.

communication, culture

  • Course Objectives

    The main goal of the course is to help the learner to;

    1. Effectively communicate the meaning of culture
    2. Handle the cultural challenges that are common at the workplace
    3. Effectively communicate across different cultures

  • Couse Outline

    The cross cultural awareness & understanding course has three lessons and eleven topics. They include;

    1. Culture and its importance
      • All about culture
      • Cross cultural checklist
      • What others need to know about us
      • What is wrong with stereotypes

    2. Culture challenges we may face at work
      • Values at work
      • Observing body language
      • Recognizing and managing culture shock
      • Being familiar with “red flag”

    3. Effective communication across cultures
      • Cross cultural communication
      • Using your RADAR
      • Cultural effectiveness