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Managing Performance

Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage performance. Master the different techniques and tools for successful performance management.

performance, productivity, management

  • Course Objectives

    The main objectives of this course is to help the learner to;

    1. Gain a deeper understanding of performance management and effectively handle questions related to performance management
    2. Identify and understand the key factors that affect performance management
    3. Understand the tools and techniques of performance management

  • Couse Outline

    The course has three modules and twelve lessons;

    1) Understanding managing performance
      • What is managing performance
      • Why manage
      • Performance management Vs managing performance
      • What does managing performance involve

    2) Factors affecting performance
      • Factors affecting performance
      • The role of understanding in performance
      • The role of ability in performance
      • The role of disposition in performance

    3) Tools and techniques
      • Introducing tools and techniques
      • Effective feedback
      • Effective questioning
      • Gaining input and understanding others’ views