Sales Management

In this course, you will learn the key roles of sales managers, as well as other important aspects of sales managers, such as how to handle and develop the skills of your sales team, how to communicate effectively, recruit, and coach them.

management, sales, leadership

  • Course Objectives

    The main objectives of this course to is help you as the learner to;

    1. Successfully recruit a professional sales team
    2. Effectively develop the skills of your sales team
    3. Successfully set and achieve sales targets
    4. Manage effectively with the basic tools and processes that the course provides

  • Couse Outline

    The sales management course has six modules and fifteen lessons;

    1. Introduction
    • Functions of a sales manager

    2. Recruitment
    • Recruitment

    3. Development
    • Coaching
    • Manage staff retention and turn over
    • People skills and development

    4. Leadership
    • Behaviors
    • Motivation
    • Communicate the plan
    • Work cross functionally

    5. Management
    • Business acumen
    • Using sales measurements to hit targets
    • Planning and targeting
    • Managing time inhibitors

    6. Support
    • Sales automation
    • Sales tools