Hot Trends That Make the Custom Learning Process Popular

the aim is to focus on specific objectives, processes, and policies that affect your organization. The following are the hot trends that make custom learning worthy of your attention.

One way of improving your learner’s retention rate and reinforcing the overall training is by breaking the content into bite-sized chunks. Basically, micro-learning is the breaking down the content into smaller units. Each unit may take a few minutes to complete, and is focused on a specific objective. It is usually designed for specific skills required on the job.

Mobile Learning 
When employees need training support to improve their performance, a just-in-time solution can make the difference. This can be realized through mobile learning solution, which forms an integral part of custom learning development.

Basically, mobile learning is a flexible process that allows your learners to access learning resources anywhere and anytime on their own devices. Your learners can use mobile apps and tools to download course instructions, complete and upload assignments, and collaborate on online social groups to complete tasks, irrespective of their whereabouts.

Moreover, your learners can share information instantaneously amongst themselves via mobile learning, which can greatly improve their performance as they train each other. It also allows you to get instant feedback from your learners. In addition, mobile devices allow the learner to learn while commuting, or whenever they feel convenient to do so.

Video-Based Learning 
Videos seem to captivate us more than any other type of media. It can easily be applied when teaching a complex subject or skill. Due to its ability to appeal to learners of all ages, video-based training has become a basic eLearning training need. When you want to demonstrate how a machine is used in processing, a video-based training implements the saying, “show, don’t tell,” in the most effective way.

E-Learning Template
Many organizations are eyeing online learning platforms that can roll out training programs quickly. Many eLearning authoring tools have numerous built-in templates that can be used to create tailor-made courses for employees in a very short time. E-learning templates allow you to customize the content according to the need of your target learners.

Finally, the future of custom learning shines brightly for training managers who are keen on making an impact with their training programs. Adopting these trends in an ongoing process will help make online custom learning a captivating experience for learners.

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