"Discover the Power of Video Interaction with Course Integration."

With ShareLook, you have all the benefits of Live Events +

  • Save, create and re-use content from your live events
  • Assess the way your learners respond and make decisions
  • Provide personalized lesson recommendations

“Never lose your data/content as you work within only ONE comprehensive platform”

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Is there a life after live? We all know just how easy it is to lose important communications when a virtual session terminates. Video recording live events is easy with ShareLook. You can also archive and retrieve these recordings, as well as creating a course out of them. We provide virtual solutions for everything, including e-learning, live conferences, and live events — all from a simple and intuitive user interface.


"We highly recommend ShareLook for their expertise in providing excellent custom mobile learning solutions. Despite the challenges, you still delivered on time and within the scope!" DHL GLOBAL