ShareBot Knowledge Center

The ShareBot Knowledge Center serves as a comprehensive hub where a diverse range of documents, including PDFs, PPTX, DOC, TXT, and also Video files, can be effortlessly uploaded. Once integrated into your organization on Sharelook, this centralized platform facilitates an integrated search experience across various knowledge resources. Powered by machine learning, the intelligent enterprise search ensures swift access to answers, enhancing the efficiency of your information retrieval process. ShareBot, a pivotal feature within this knowledge ecosystem, is purposefully designed to extract answers from both your organization's documents and the vast expanse of the world's knowledge. Accessible via the Sharelook web application or mobile app (Android/iOS), ShareBot brings this wealth of information to your fingertips, transforming the way you interact with and extract insights from your organizational and global knowledge repositories. Additionally, the ShareBot Knowledge Center can run within your data center, providing a secure, customizable solution for managing and accessing organizational knowledge.