5 Reasons to Transcribe Your Virtual Events

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Virtual events may have become popular with COVID, but they are here to stay beyond the end of the pandemic. A video format greatly reduces the cost of hosting an event, simplifies schedule coordination, and increases a company’s ability to redistribute the content in a variety of formats, including transcription.

For example, you’ve likely attended several live virtual events in the past year and learned a lot from them. But when it came time to implement the resources, strategies, or tools covered in the virtual event, you weren’t likely to go back and rewatch the video. You’d have wanted the rich content distilled into a written resource so you could quickly find the relevant information. Many companies fail to partner their virtual events with tangible information afterward, leaving the information transaction incomplete.

You can more fully connect with your target audience, increase understanding, and create opportunities for further content by transcribing your video the next time you are hosting a virtual event. We’ll cover the top five ways to capitalize on your next live event and then how to get a transcript of a video.

1. Increase Engagement

A recent Zippia survey found that 67% of people report being distracted during meetings, with emails, life stress, or simply being hungry or tired as top competitors for attention. Add working from home with children, partners, and pets, and you have a real problem ensuring that your important message is heard.

By providing a transcript, you will allow your employees or other participants the chance to review material on their own time when they can pay attention best. By providing the information in a written format, they will quickly be able to grasp the main points and quickly move to implementation. It will also be more inclusive to those who prefer to take notes, allowing them to listen first with the confidence that they will be provided with a write-up later.

Finally, it will be more inclusive to those with auditory processing issues, including visual learners and those with ADHD or other similar conditions.

2. Easily Provide Subtitles

Subtitles increase attention, clarify the message, and make it easier for those who have auditory problems or speak a second language to participate. The CDC reports that about 16% of Americans have some level of hearing impairment – that’s about one in every six audience members!

Not only do subtitles increase attention, but it allows viewers to consume content in a broader context, like reading the video during a noisy commute. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of closed caption users don’t use them primarily for auditory impairment.

Wondering how to add subtitles to a video? One of the easiest ways is to adapt your transcript to SRT format and upload it to the video.

Sharelook can take any video recording and quickly transcribe it so that you can offer subtitles in record time.

3. Increase SEO Ranking

Video and SEO are closely related. A key component of SEO is the average time spent per visitor on your page – videos significantly increase that time. By offering a transcript, you can increase that time even more while providing another relevant link.

Transcriptions are also loaded with keywords, an essential building block to SEO rankings. A transcript is more likely to become a reference than a video alone, as visitors are more likely to watch a video once, but they will return to a useful article with studies or useful processes multiple times.

Finally, a video with a transcript is much easier to share. For example, suppose an attendee shares your conference or video on their LinkedIn or Twitter feed. It will be easier for their circle of influence to interact with a transcription than simply a video.

4. Create Opportunities for Additional Content

Content marketing is a strategy to succeed today and includes the development of thought leadership through the dispersal of free content. Video transcription is an excellent piece of content marketing and can often be used as the foundation for several additional pieces of content, including blog and social media posts.

Not only can you use the raw transcript in content marketing, but you can also adapt the format to create paid content. This may include an in-depth course or ebook with the original video and transcript as the hook.

Lastly, you will save your marketing team a lot of time creating this content if they can work with a transcript instead of painstakingly pulling out quotes and metrics themselves.

Sharelook automatically records video events we host, making it easy to package as a course! We also have a course marketplace where you can sell your video course and offer a certificate of completion at the end.

5. Improve Translation Capability

While your company workforce or target audience may entirely comprise Americans or English-speakers, there may be significant differences in the dialect that impact the understanding of your message.

Even this goal is short-sighted, however. Our global economy allows for professionals around the world to reference work done in other countries. You may be limiting your scope by only providing a transcript in one language, so you may want to think about providing translated transcripts in five or so commonly-used languages for important conferences.

Sharelook offers live transcription, so you don’t have to wait until the meeting is over to include multiple languages during the event! How to Transcribe Audio or Video If you’ve been wondering how to transcribe audio or video recordings into text, look no further. The best way to complete your transcription project is to partner with a company like Sharelook that offers a one-stop-shop experience for your video hosting, transcription, course creation, and translation needs! Sharelook is here to help you with your project. We offer a range of price packages, including transcription, video hosting, and multiple account users. Our basic package is free, so try out our services today to take full advantage of the marketing power of your next virtual event!

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