Innovate your learning.

ShareLook features are designed to grow your business.

Everyone is an expert with ShareLook’s mobile learning & content development system with Live Broadcast features, chat capacity, & more.

ShareLook provides analytics to help you target development for maximum efficiency.

Identifying the potential & needs of every employee to cultivating an innovate workplace.

  • Live Broadcast
  • CMS
  • LMS and Analytics

Live Broadcast

Our app allows you to record your training seminars in real time and broadcast them to the employees and colleagues you want through a seamless online content development system. Audience members can respond to your training seminar by posting questions that appear on your screen in real time and by liking content.

Stream your training m-learning presentations via your phone to your targeted audience.


Working with our team, we are able to design, program and disseminate information to your specified audience within 72 hours. Through ShareLook you can develop tailored lessons for every department and produce content in engaging and intuitive learning segments instantaneously.

You can assign content to specific groups and use the apps back end system to organize, archive and upload your own content!

LMS and Analytics

ShareLook’s comprehensive LMS records which resources are viewed by what user and when. It keeps track of in-app communication, learning performances and more! ShareLook will provide you with weekly reports on this data and can provide raw data for your organization based on your preference.

This allows organizations to understand their internal training needs and employee potential!


Never miss an update by liking & following experts relevant to you!
Users can specify which online learning experts they want to follow.
Experts keep your audiences up-to-date instantaneously!


Like and favorite lessons you enjoy & bookmark content for easy review later.


Nano-lessons are small, entertaining training packets created for your business’ needs.
These short, engaging learning segments include multimedia, VR & more!


Specifically designed to test user comprehension at the end of each online learning segment or lesson.
Quiz attempts, performance & results are recorded within the LMS so you can better understand areas for development.

Content devlopment

Use ShareLook’s easy content builder or work with our team to design the resources you want.

Curate, collect & store vital corporate information, regardless of personnel changes, in one centralized location.