ShareLook is a trustworthy patented Learning Ecosystem that gives you various options to build your corporate knowledge.

Live Event

Live Broadcasting

Teach and demonstrate on-the-job training in many places by scheduling and hosting live broadcasts

Live Assessment

Conduct live assessments while instructing, which lets you analyze progress and develop better strategies for the future

Live Conference

High-resolution video and parallel chatting, as well as tools for your team to collaborate with one another during the session.

Live Coaching

Trainers can work with individuals via live coaching, which takes advantage of the power of real-time video interactions.

ShareLook Maze

Personalized Learning

Customize learning to each learner's own strengths, needs, abilities, and interests. Each learner receives a personalized study plan based on their prior knowledge.

Built in

Built in EDM

With a built- in EDM tool you can promote any course or live events within your company or organization. The tool allows you to use your own design or use an integrated 3rd party tool to create your desired EDM.

Integrated Course Builder

Course Builder

Effortlessly add photos from a media bank, use ready-made templates, use ShareLook text to speech to insert your desired voice over with over 50 languages and 400 voices.

Other Advanced Features

Language Translations

Users can alter the global settings to use more than thirty languages with a single click

Reports And Analytics

Keep track of how much time people spend watching live broadcasts and how engaged they are during different live events.


With Sharelook, you can transcribe your live event and get the information in text form.


Product Comparison

ShareLook has given you the ability to compare items and identify critical differences, allowing you to see the big picture. It will assist you in locating your desired services.